First, it was the RTTY roundup and now the 2022 North American QSO Party. I wasn’t sure I would do good. This would be the first true test of my station with my new Butternut HF6V vertical antenna. […]
It had been too damn long since I was able to do a contest. Most of the time if life wasn’t in the way my station would not be up to the task. Luckily I was fortunate enough […]
Disclaimer: First. This will void your warranty. Second, this is just info from my install and I am not responsible if you brick your radio. I hate the built-in spectrum display on the FTDX-1200. It only updates while […]
I already had my 31′ fiberglass mast that I used to use for SOTA activations. But the bucket of concrete and PVC pipe just wasn’t enough to keep it vertical. It had already fallen over in the wind. […]
So after spending the first part of my “HAM life” in a condo which of course had an HOA I finally have a yard to play in. So far I have tried an end-fed wire at around 66ft […]
Field day this year was rough. I basically went to a mountain top and setup there. It was hot… QRP was like a bad dream… Antenna kicked my butt. Just watch. Hope you enjoy.
I have been rather lazy lately. The struggle to get myself to a summit has been  a big one. So I figure why not do two drive up summits. This was a great plan until I got to […]
Summit: Mt Pinos Designation: W6/CC-002 Elevation: 8,848′ Length: 3.44mi round trip Cell Service: Verizon LTE   Well it had been some time since I activated. I love the Frazier Park area so naturally a good 8 pointer in the […]
Well I have been doing a lot of reflecting away from SOTA. And the truth is I miss hiking. So I think I am going to go back at it. I will start packing lighter though and not […]
The Start Well today started out fairly good. I woke up early and left from Santa Clarita, hitting the 5/210/2. The drive was uneventful except for the usual suicidal cyclists heading up the crest. Don’t get me started […]