San Fernando Benchmark Well like Mt. Jupiter I ended up having to go back to this summit to activate it again. The first time I forgot my Buddistick mast so that left me to working 145.520 FM. That […]
San Fernando Benchmark I had been looking forward to this activation for quite some time. The thought of being able to over look the San Fernando Valley here in Southern California seemed awe inspiring to me. I made […]
Jupiter Mountain Well if you read my last post you would know that I had already tried to activate Jupiter Mtn.(W6/CT-140). It was a failure on my part due to taking the wrong trail and running out of […]
A Steep Jupiter This morning was a rough one. The plan was to activate Mt. Jupiter here in Southern California. The trail going up to the summit is a washed out road. To top it off the incline […]
My First Summits on the Air Activation! Grass Mountain! I finally did it! I hiked to a location of my choosing and activated Grass Mountain. It did it early in the morning so I could be the heat. Little […]
Magnetic Loop Antenna So this week I got bored and decided to make an antenna.  A magnetic loop to be exact; for shortwave listening. I ordered a 365pf air variable capacitor from eBay. The rest was made from […]
RTTY Well with some influence from a friend KR6E I discovered a new mode, well new to me that is. It’s RTTY.  Using my IC-7000 I started using MMTTY which is a little intimidating at first but once […]