Well with some influence from a friend KR6E I discovered a new mode, well new to me that is. It’s RTTY.  Using my IC-7000 I started using MMTTY which is a little intimidating at first but once you start exploring it and the different options things start to make sense.

For my setup I am running the Rigblaster PNP. What this means is although they say it can’t do FSK, it can. You run a cable from the CW port on the Rigblaster to your radio. In my case it’s the IC-7000 so it was easy to find the correct port. Then I was just a matter of setting it up.

Here you see the first setup window. Note: COM4 is for the Radio.




Here you see the first setup window. Note: COM3 is for the Rigblaster PNP.



Hopefully this helps you if you are going down the path of this awesome mode of operation. -73


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