Hobbies: Ham radio and electronics, or attempting electronics, hiking, yard work, and camping.

I was raised in Cheyenne, WY where I joined the Navy and spent 10 years working on aircraft as an AME2(AW)(ejection seats/air conditioning). I also got to see a good chunk of the world. I miss the travel so Ham radio is a great way to still make it around the globe. It’s a bit faster than the ship. 

As of September 2020, I moved to Chatsworth, CA a part of Los Angeles. I finally have a yard and no HOA to tell me what to do. It’s amazing.

When not working I am tinkering, flying my drone, doing some R/C flights or just watching the Dodgers whoop up on the Giants or Padres… 

What I run:

  • Yaesu FT DX1200
  • RM Italy BLA350 300w amp
  • IC-9700
  • Butternut HF6V vertical
  • iCom ID-4100 / FT-891 / Lil Tarheel II (Truck)
  • ID-51A… original old-school version with the jacked-up mic diaphragm.

As of OCT 2020, I am a member of W6SD. The San Fernando Valley Amateur Radio Club. (As of 2023 was thrown out for challenging net control to a fight) 

I hope to have a QSO with you. See you on the air!

Also, a CW Academy dropout.

Magic Fingers