Well the Holidays have been good to me. I have been able to order a two-band dipole from SotaBeams. This will eliminate having the drag the Buddistick up the summits. With the Buddistick there its a lot of […]
A Short Hike As luck would have it I am changing jobs and was lucky enough to have Black Friday off. So what would any dedicated Sota activator do on such a day of deals and bargains? Yep, […]
Sierra Pelona This was going to be a SOTA activation of Harold Beacon Benchmark W6/CT-126. However when I was almost there to the point where you start climbing I hit a hill and the Merc just wanted to […]
Lost What a good day for an activation. At first I thought the wind was going to be an issue but it died down at sunrise which is when I started my hike. I parked at the trailhead […]
Waterman For the most part this was a great activation. The hike was beautiful, the weather was cool… almost too cool with the fog and drizzle. It’s a 3.2mi hike in/up. There are some switchbacks and the trail […]
Snap Crackle Pop I will say this. Getting to Granite Benchmark¬†wasn’t horrible. Just take the dirt road that’s next to the “You’re Leaving Angeles Forest” sign. Following it up until you see a locked gate on your right. […]
Burn Benchmark This morning I headaed out early to activate W6/ CT-136 Burn Benchmark. The first thing to note about this drive is it’s not for low profile vehicles. The forest road is pretty rough. Once you do […]
Mt. Pinos I decided to take the car and see how good it faired on the dirt roads. The first activation of the day was W6/CC-002(Mt Pinos) I got there just as the sun was coming up and […]
San Fernando Benchmark Well like Mt. Jupiter I ended up having to go back to this summit to activate it again. The first time I forgot my Buddistick mast so that left me to working 145.520 FM. That […]
San Fernando Benchmark I had been looking forward to this activation for quite some time. The thought of being able to over look the San Fernando Valley here in Southern California seemed awe inspiring to me. I made […]