‘Rona/QRP Field Day 2020

Field day this year was rough. I basically went to a mountain top and setup there. It was hot… QRP was like a bad dream… Antenna kicked my butt. Just watch. Hope you enjoy.

Summits on the Air W6/CC-003 Mount Frazier

I have been rather lazy lately. The struggle to get myself to a summit has been  a big one. So I figure why not do two drive up summits. This was a great plan until I got to the gate to Cerro Noroeste. Why a gate would be closed when we haven’t had a lick […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-093 Burnt Peak

Location: Southern California (Sierra Pelona Mountains) Cell Reception:  Verizon Elevation: 5,787′ Hike Time: 1hr (estimated) Trail Type: Forest Road, Lots of down hill and up hill. Don’t do this one on a hot day. Temp Start 75F Temp End 93F   I departed Santa Clarita at about 5am. Headed North on I-5 to Lake Hughes road. […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-130 Grass Mountain

Cell Coverage: Verizon LTE Elevation: 4,619ft Location: 34.6410977°N, -118.4134145°W Well originally I was going to activate W6/CT-158 4020 which is real close to Camp 9 Fire Station. Little did I know the jerks with the county closed off the road. Can we have anything?!? Trying to beat the heat as we have been well over 100 […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-012 Waterman Mountain

Cell status: Verizon=NO APRS=YES The Hike Wow! It has been a while since I wrote here. That would be due to I took the winter off from SOTA to rest my knee. There were a couple of attempts at different summits which turned into me turning back before making the summit. So today would be […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-116 Sierra Pelona

Sierra Pelona

  The Trip Normally I wouldn’t attempt a summit unless I knew the weather was decent. But there are time when you get a break in the rain and have to say the hell with it. Thus, my activation of Sierra Pelona. The drive needless to say was filled with fog and low visibility. I […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-140 Jupiter Mountain

A Little Rusty I had been wanting to do an activation for a while now. Two months to be exact. I was a little rusty because I had some car trouble recently, transmission, engine and another transmission rebuild. Needless to say that car is gone and I have a reliable vehicle again. My trusty Rav4. Being […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-004 Mt. Baden Powell


Mt. Baden Powell After a couple failed activations elsewhere I wanted to do one that would be sure to prove successful. So I decided to activate Mt. Baden Powell in the San Gabriel’s. Having never climbed this monster and honestly wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. Also, I am still dealing with a […]

Summits on the Air W6/SC-002 San Emigdio Mountain

Hopes High in Los Padres National Forest Let me start off with the fact that San Emigdio Mountain is a pretty cool place to play radio. That is if you don’t need internet, or APRS. I say that because I had neither. Which makes for a tough activation. Put it this way, after calling for […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-140 Jupiter Mountain

Jupiter Mountain You know there is something cool about telling people you are going to hike Jupiter Mountain. It has a certain element of intrigue. I guess that is why I set off when it was 99 degrees outside. With a 40 minute drive the temp could drop a bit though. And drop did it! By […]