Summits on the Air W6/CT-247 Mt. Williamson

Starting Out

I arrived at the trailhead for Williamson at about 7am. As usual I had hoped to get an earlier start but the snooze button was too tempting. For energy had a Gatorade and Cliff bar to give me some energy for what I felt would be a steep trek.

The Trail

The Trail

I did manage to see a handful of PCTers as they passed me. Perhaps if I wasn’t like a turtle… slow and steady.

This hike provided some amazing views of Mt. Islip, the valley looking West and a somewhat cool view of Lancaster, CA.

Mt Islip in the distance

Mt Islip in the distance

Going up!

Going up!


Amazing view from just below Mt. Williamson’s Summit

The Activation

I wish I could say this activation went smoothly but I think the only good thing about it was I actually made 6 contacts. To start Hal (N6JZT) noticed I spotted 144, instead of 146. Then I guess the summit number was changed, Not sure why on that one but I rolled with it.

Switched to the trusty HT

Switched to the trusty HT

The second thing that was a bust is my video didn’t turn out. So no footage there. I think that is one reason I do SOTA. It gives me a subject/topic to film.

On a positive note I hit 100 points. It’s been a year in the making, oh crap at this rate it will take me another 9 years to get mountain goat. Wow!

Standing gave me way better reports... Duh Ryan!

Standing gave me way better reports… Duh Ryan!

As always, thank you chasers and a big thanks to Hal for bailing me out when I was scatter brained. It must have been the altitude or my medication… this we will never know. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.00.00 PM

Cell coverage – Yes(Verizon), Data was not that strong though but I was able to get a couple spots out.



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