A Change of Plans

Damn. Today was supposed to be an activation of Mt. Pacifico. Mt Pacifico, from what I understand is that there’s a hike-in-only-campground. The plan was to activate in the evening and spend the night.

Well 3 miles into the hike I was done. I had packed to much in my pack which was weighing me down and I knew I wouldn’t make the rest of the trek. So I hightailed it down to the car and set a course for Bald Mountain, which is off of Highway 138 and then Highway N2.

When you first arrive to Bald Mountain you are greeted by some signs… never mind those. Punch it!

Things to ignore

Things to ignore

You follow this road until you come to a fork. Go left and this will take you to bald mountain. I opted to park at the first turnout so I could be within the rules by hiking a bit.

Looking towards communications Towers from the other government site.

Looking towards communications Towers from the other government site.

The area is nothing but grass so I was careful to not leave hot electronics on the ground, but instead set them on a cloth.



Other than that it was a smooth operation. Rather peaceful except for the wind.

Government Site - Now this is the real "No Treaspassing"

Government Site – Now this is the real “No Treaspassing”

If you hadn’t noticed there are a bunch of steel poles sticking out of the ground. Jackite heaven!

Antenna Porn

Antenna Shot

Magic Fingers


Thank you Chasers! Without you I would just be some idiot on a hill talking to myself. Which I do on occasion anyway.

FYI there is Verizon Data here. It’s one bar, but it’s there.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.55.19 PM

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  1. Nice activation. I wouldn’t have thought of to put hot radios on cloth and not dry grass. Don’t feel bad about the backpacking thing. I had to call Park PD to come get me on my first solo trip. At least you got an activation in. “Never mind that, punch it!” More true words have never been spoke in regards to sota. What kind of radio are you useing?


    • Hey Alex!
      Yeah down in my area if you blink wrong you can start a brush fire. Seriously though it was so dry up there coupled with the wind I figured best not push my luck. I think my problem with hiking long distances is that I go too long between hikes and lose my conditioning. Then come the next hike I get my but kicked. Yeah I was determined to get an activation in, so much so I drove an extra 42 miles out of the way to activate. Overall it was a good day considering LASD didn’t have to chopper me out somewhere and I got 4 more points. Oh and my radio is my trusty FT-817ND, and with it I run a 40 watt amp. Normally I wouldn’t but band conditions are rubbish lately.


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