Summits on the Air W6/CC-005 Reyes Peak (Failed Activation)

The Journey

Well today is ARRL Field Day. Something I have no desire taking part in as every time I do a SOTA activation it really is like a field day when you think of it. Enough of that though.

I got up at 4am, and hit the road with coffee in hand and headed up the 5 to Frazier park. Then I followed the main road until I hit Lockwood Valley road which connected me up to Highway 33. Then I headed south.

There is a turnoff for Pine Mountain on the left. It shows the elevation. That’s the road you want. It’s one lane paved so take it easy. There are turnouts for cars to pass etc…

You will pass some campgrounds and then the road turns to dirt. Just follow till you come to a turnaround and vault toilet. That’s the beginning of the trail.

First Sign you're in the right placeFirst Sign you're in the right place

First Sign you’re in the right place

The path I had in my GPS was way off. The trail is obvious and will take you right to Reyes Peak. Also instead of being 2 miles it is 1.12mi. Outstanding!

The ocean is there somewhere

The ocean is there somewhere

This is one of the coolest yet most frustrating peaks I have been too. I was going to setup below the rocks so the dirt/guys would be better spaced out. However the dirt was so damn soft my stakes were not having any of that.

Next I climbed back on the rocks, which is no easy feat with a pack. Up there are some bolts sticking out of the rocks. Most are bent but one is in a perfect spot. So I figured I would setup my jackite there. Figure wrong. The tie down strap broke on me. And lastley I thought I would try 2m. Well no such luck there. I guess they don’t monitor in Ventura.


Here you can see the bolts.

I’m not sure there’s a worse feeling than summiting and not activating. What a bummer.



FYI: When you come to the fork go right to Reyes Peak. Left takes you other places

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