Summits on the Air W6/CT-259 Bald Mountain (1st Activation)

A Change of Plans Damn. Today was supposed to be an activation of Mt. Pacifico. Mt Pacifico, from what I understand is that there’s a hike-in-only-campground. The plan was to activate in the evening and spend the night. Well 3 miles into the hike I was done. I had packed to much in my pack which […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-010 Mt. Islip

Islip Journey Today I decided I wanted to do a summit that was 8 points. Still trying to get my first hundred has been eluding me. I was easy to pick which one as I had yet to venture far East on the Angeles Crest Highway. One thing to note is that there is no […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-029 Mt. Emma

Mt. Emma Well being that I am getting close to 100 SOTA points I needed to get out this morning and activate something, Anything! So I opted for the somewhat close Mt. Emma.  At 5272 ft. this is a fun one. Complete with 3 false summits… I only knew this because I talked to a […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-021 Vetter Mountain

Vetter Mt. Well today was an interesting activation. I had been wanting to get back to the Crest as the local peaks around home just don’t have that “forestry” feel to them. So I picked Vetter, for two reasons. I had never done it and it was a relatively short hike(4 mi round trip). When […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-153 Parker Mountain

Today was one of those day where I set out against my better judgment to activate. The reason being we had some rains yesterday and the roads to get to the summit are four wheel drive roads. And owing a 2wd Rav4 I didn’t think I should attempt it. All in all though I made […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-095 Mt. Liebre

Mt. Liebre What a great day! A little sore but the success of an activation is worth it. This was my third time trying to activate Liebre. The first hampered by snow and wind, thee second by downpours. There is a road that goes to the summit (7N23). But there is a gate which is […]

Summits on the Air Mt Parker and Mt Emma aborted

Goals This morning I left very hopeful as the last three activations I attempted were failures. Two due to weather and one because of a road issue. I hate to abort summits. This morning the goal was Parker Mountain first and then over to Emma Mountain. Parker Mountain’s initial road was great. You pass a […]

Change of Call from K6WYO

I got a 2×1 call! Well I don’t know if I am having a mid life crisis or what but I opted to change my call from K6WYO to WC6Q. Yes a 2×1. Why the new call? Well it had to do with my old call being a mouthful, and with the amount of SOTA […]

Switching my Operation up a Bit to a dipole

Well the Holidays have been good to me. I have been able to order a two-band dipole from SotaBeams. This will eliminate having the drag the Buddistick up the summits. With the Buddistick there its a lot of weight involved. Not to mention you lose the use of one hand due to I’m carrying a […]

Summits on the Air Kratka Ridge W6/CT-014

A Short Hike As luck would have it I am changing jobs and was lucky enough to have Black Friday off. So what would any dedicated Sota activator do on such a day of deals and bargains? Yep, I climbed Kratka Ridge. For those not native to this area it’s an abandoned ski site which was […]