Summits on the Air W6/CT-140 Jupiter Mountain

A Little Rusty I had been wanting to do an activation for a while now. Two months to be exact. I was a little rusty because I had some car trouble recently, transmission, engine and another transmission rebuild. Needless to say that car is gone and I have a reliable vehicle again. My trusty Rav4. Being […]

Summits on the Air W6/CC-002 Mt. Pinos

Mt. Pinos To say I needed to activate something would be an understatement. I had recently sold a rig so I could get a Biennopower battery and a new antenna, among other things. The antenna you might ask would be an LNR Precision Trail Friendly End Fed. And the Battery is a hell of a […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-004 Mt. Baden Powell


Mt. Baden Powell After a couple failed activations elsewhere I wanted to do one that would be sure to prove successful. So I decided to activate Mt. Baden Powell in the San Gabriel’s. Having never climbed this monster and honestly wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. Also, I am still dealing with a […]

Summits on the Air W6/SC-002 San Emigdio Mountain

Hopes High in Los Padres National Forest Let me start off with the fact that San Emigdio Mountain is a pretty cool place to play radio. That is if you don’t need internet, or APRS. I say that because I had neither. Which makes for a tough activation. Put it this way, after calling for […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-140 Jupiter Mountain

Jupiter Mountain You know there is something cool about telling people you are going to hike Jupiter Mountain. It has a certain element of intrigue. I guess that is why I set off when it was 99 degrees outside. With a 40 minute drive the temp could drop a bit though. And drop did it! By […]

Summits on the Air W6/SC-001 Cerro Noroeste

The Trip This morning for Summits on the Air I really wanted to set out to Cerro Noroeste to not only activate it but check out the campsites that are in the vicinity. The drive was only about an hour and a half from Santa Clarita, CA.  Once I got there I polished off my […]

SOTA W6/CT-005 Throop Peak

The Hike Today I decided to do a longer hike as I hadn’t done one in a while. Longer hikes tend to kick my butt on the way down due to a knee injury courtesy of the Navy. I had my GPS with me like I always do. You’re thinking “it’s a trail, how lost […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-130 Grass Mountain

The Trip Started out at around 0430 for Grass Mountain. I was excited to do this mountain due to it was my first SOTA peak I did when I started a little over a year ago. This one is fairly close to my house so the drive was only about 40 minutes. When I got […]

Summits on the Air W6/CC-005 Reyes Peak (Failed Activation)

The Journey Well today is ARRL Field Day. Something I have no desire taking part in as every time I do a SOTA activation it really is like a field day when you think of it. Enough of that though. I got up at 4am, and hit the road with coffee in hand and headed […]

Summits on the Air W6/CT-247 Mt. Williamson

Starting Out I arrived at the trailhead for Williamson at about 7am. As usual I had hoped to get an earlier start but the snooze button was too tempting. For energy had a Gatorade and Cliff bar to give me some energy for what I felt would be a steep trek. I did manage to […]