Summits on the Air Waterman Mtn. W6/CT-012

Waterman For the most part this was a great activation. The hike was beautiful, the weather was cool… almost too cool with the fog and drizzle. It’s a 3.2mi hike in/up. There are some switchbacks and the trail is easy until the very end when the incline gets steep. (hey I have bad hips) I […]

Summits on the Air Granite Benchmark W6/CT-132

Snap Crackle Pop I will say this. Getting to Granite Benchmark wasn’t horrible. Just take the dirt road that’s next to the “You’re Leaving Angeles Forest” sign. Following it up until you see a locked gate on your right. That’s the road you will hike down… or up. The hike wasn’t too bad. Half a mile […]