Disclaimer: First. This will void your warranty. Second, this is just info from my install and I am not responsible if you brick your radio.

I hate the built-in spectrum display on the FTDX-1200. It only updates while tuning and cuts out the signal while tuning as well. Frankly, it is underwhelming especially for a company like Yaesu.

The panadapter in action

There is a company in the UK that makes a PCB board that you wire into the bottom of the radio which interfaces to any SDR USB stick so you can display it on the computer.

The install was not hard for a ham. I used a fine tip on my soldering iron and was quick about it. If you know anything about soldering on a board you know you don’t want to have prolonged heat to onboard components.

There are a number of tutorials out there on this install. I just followed those. This is the power tap which is the easier of the solder points on the radio itself.

Power tap point

The next is the tap for the signal itself. This one is on one of the legs.

Tap point on what I believe is the third leg
Both wires connected to the board (note the helping hands helping a brother out)

I would say this was the most stressful part of the install. Nest I dropped the board and attached the power and signal wires. Then I added a ground wire.

I used 3M double sided tape to secure the board inside the radio.
Here is the finished product. Note the connector bottom right for the antenna connection.

This was one of the easier things I have done to a radio. The hard part is the software setup. I used HDSDR as my program of choice.

One thing to keep in mind is HDSDR needs to be started every time you power up your radio. If you don’t you just get some lines in the spectrum display.

You need to first have a working SDR. These are a pain to setup in the first place so make sure it is in working order.

I point the input to the SDR itself.

One thing you might need to change is the offset for the signal. For example you see I adjusted the LSB offset to actually line up with the signal.

RF Front end config on my system

You will also see I have Ham Radio Deluxe connected. This controls the radio so as you spin the dial it updates in HDSDR. Sure you have to have HRD open for this to work but if you are like me you have this open for logging anyways. I tried OMNI rig and it works as well so if you go that route you should be able to get it to work.

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