First, it was the RTTY roundup and now the 2022 North American QSO Party. I wasn’t sure I would do good. This would be the first true test of my station with my new Butternut HF6V vertical antenna. I have always used dipoles but those were becoming an eyesore. Also what drove my decision was the wind factor. Here in the San Fernando Valley, the Santa Anas can be strong.

For the contest, I used my Yaesu FTDX-1200 as a transceiver the HF6V as the antenna, and all this at 100 watts for the whole contest. I have a Heil 7 Pro headset which really aided me on the SSB side of things as I have hearing loss from working the flight deck. It made such a difference.

I was a part of the HF Illuminaughti team which consisted of VE7KPM((Questionable)2,520), VA7USD(3,024), W4IPA(7,056), VY1FC(72) and myself WC6Q(2,014).


I was a part of the HF Illuminaughti team which consisted of VE7KPM(1,428), VA7USD(3,024), W4IPA(7,056), VY1FC(72) and myself(2,014). Jacob really killed it with his 7k+ score! All throughout we touched base on Discord which is awesome during a contest. I think we were all sober but there is no way to verify. I may have had an edible towards the end which may have impacted my score. I tried working the same guy 5 times. Wasted time.

The only thing I think I need to change for next year is to come up with a second antenna. Something directional… we’ll see what we can talk the wife into.

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