It had been too damn long since I was able to do a contest. Most of the time if life wasn’t in the way my station would not be up to the task.

Luckily I was fortunate enough to be able to get a number of things for my station. It was sometimes a pain trying to find stuff that was in stock but eventually things came into place. The first big addition was a Butternut HF6V antenna. Anyway, this has enabled me to work more DX which most of the time is what I am after.

Back to the contest. I was in FT8 mode at first. I had never done FT4. Once I gave that a try I was hooked. It’s perfect for contesting because of the speed of completing each QSO. In total, I racked up about 202 contacts. I used my FT-DX1200 and RMItaly amp running 200w. I didn’t want to use power but the bands were crap and it just made sense. Had I not none of these people would have heard me.

My total contest time was a little over 12 hours. I think that was a new record for me. Can’t wait for the results. Might even get my first piece of wallpaper.


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